Together Is Better

Together Is Better

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Authors:  Anne Davies, Caren Cameron, Kathleen Gregory, & Colleen Politano
ISBN: 978-1895411546
Length: 184 pages
Reference: Davies, A., Cameron, C., Politano, C., and Gregory, K. 1992. Together is Better. Winnipeg, MB: Portage and Main Press.


As educators move toward more learner-focused teaching, they face new challenges assessing, evaluating, and reporting the learning that takes place in their classrooms.

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Together is Better shows how teachers, students, and parents can evaluate learning together, and how students can take ownership of that learning. This book provides many valuable examples and strategies for collaboration including:

  • The process for three-way reporting
  • The process for three-way conferencing
  • Setting learning goals and evaluation criteria with students and parents
  • Helping students to recognize and evaluate their own learning
  • Informal reports and other communication techniques
  • Integrating assessment, evaluation, and reporting into daily classroom life
  • Guidelines and inventories for complete reports